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We are often asked how we can be so honest, so fair and maintain such high standards of decency and morality? Perhaps the answer lies within the creator and visionary of Aglow Skin Care. She remembers being brought up in an era of rapid growth accompanied by rapid deterioration. An era of war and protest and an ever changing society. She dreamed of one day doing something important, with a driven spirit to do good to make a difference.

She began reading about aromatherapy and became intrigued by the power of essential oils. She made her client’s cuticle oils for gifts and that is where her passion for starting her own business began. She studied, researched and finally became an aromatherapist. As she worked her way through the beauty industry, she found herself going back to school and became an aesthetician. By that time she already had a line of body products and was beginning to develop her own business. With advancement in skin care therapies and a desire to find the best products for anti-aging and aromatherapy combined thus was born Aglow Skin Care.

With a back bone in business and a firm belief in natural products and in age reversal, she began experimenting with different business opportunities. Also, discovering the amazing qualities of shea butter and its origins, became a huge interest. Remembering her childhood aspirations her dream was turned into reality. She founded a company based on exceptional skin care, anti-aging products, aromatherapy and shea butter. Her generosity is not only evident with a personal meeting but in every product she produces. Aglow Skin Care is proud of its products that contain high quantities of effective ingredients.

For more than a decade, Aglow has been on the cutting edge of the skin care industry in the development of our skin care line, each designed to address characteristic problems that cause acne and aging issues. Our staff of Licensed Estheticians will be happy to assist you in developing a skin care regime custom tailored to your particular skin condition and skin care needs. Recommended by dermatologists, medical professionals and estheticians, Aglow Skin Care products work synergistically to restore a healthy balance and aid in the reduction of acne lesions and scarring, thanks to the high percentage of pure active ingredients. For Professionals, Spa and home use *complete instructions provided with each purchase*.

It is our commitment to ensure you receive the best products and advice regarding your skin care concerns. 
Colleen Wellington/Esthetician and Founder.

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