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Strong Second Generation Copper-Peptide Skin Remodeling Serum!

Compare to Neova® Antioxidant Therapy Serum with GHK Copper Peptide Complex™
$85 for 1 oz. – Based on Dr. Pickart’s older Copper-Peptide methods

What is Copper Serum?

Copper-Peptides, in every comparative clinical study, have been proven superior to Retin-A(R), Vitamin C creams, and Kinerase(R) in terms of wrinkle reduction, reducing skin blotchiness, improving skin firmness, and the development of new collagen.

CP Serum is a water-based lipid free copper peptide product that helps skin remodeling while enhancing the skin's protective barrier and anti-oxidant defenses. Many clients use CP Serum on oily skin areas such as the T-Zone area and the Protect & Restore creams on dryer skin areas. Many users report that it reduces skin oil in the T-Zone. Clients also tell us that the serum enhances facial beauty and gives an "extra glow".

The simple ingredients in the serum make it more acceptable for many persons with very sensitive skin or persons with acne who must limit lipids on their skin.

CP Serum is compatible when used with alpha hydroxy acids and Retin-A. CP Serum should not be used at the same time as Vitamin C creams since the Copper-Peptide inactivates the Vitamin C.

Copper-Peptide for Skin Renewal

Copper Peptides are used clinically for wound healing, increased skin healing after laser resurfacing and chemical peels, and for improving the success of hair transplantation. They help stimulate the skin's regenerative processes which repair the skin's protective outer barrier, increase new capillary formation (angiogenesis), increase the production of collagen and elastin which improve skin elasticity and firmness, and the increase the water-holding proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) which hold moisture in the skin and are the only "true" moisturizers of skin. They also activate the skin's system (called metalloproteinases) that removes damaged proteins such as in scars and sun damage marks. Copper-peptides also improve the skin's anti-oxidant defenses by activating superoxide dismutase (SOD), a protein which de-toxifies free radicals and that is the body's primary anti-oxidant defense. Normally SOD lacks enough copper to be active and copper-peptides, by supplying nutritional copper to SOD, increase the activity of SOD.

When copper-peptides are applied to the skin, only very small amounts of the copper-peptides penetrate into the skin. Copper-peptides have passed numerous safety tests. Scientific studies of copper-peptides have found that the amount of copper taken into the body from such copper-peptide creams is insignificant and does not raise total blood copper levels.  However, the microscopic amount of copper-peptide that does enter the skin's upper layer is sufficient to help stimulate skin regeneration. Our Patented Copper Peptides are the same brand recommended in "The Wrinkle Cure" by Nicholas Perricone, M.D. These Copper Peptides are from the inventor and founder, Dr. Loren Pickart at Skin Biology. PROVEN AGE REVERSAL, ANTI-AGING, ACNE TREATMENT.

Copper Peptide Regeneration SerumApply a small amount of the Intense Regenerating Copper Serum once or twice daily. Start gradually then increase the amount applied. You can apply Emu oil as a top layer to drive the copper deeper into the skin for more beneficial results. Or, you can also perform one of our glycolic peels and then apply the serum post peel for complete rejuvenating inside and out!

*If you have sensitive skin, irritated skin, or have had dermatitis cosmetica from products used in the past, it is best to start with a very light amount of Serum every other day for a week. This will allow your skin to re-build its natural skin barrier. Then after the initial week, use more Serum. Some skin just cannot tolerate certain products. You know your skin best, if you develop irritations, please do not use this product or any products that cause those irritations! If irritations persists and/or or is a re-occurring problem with your skin, consult your doctor or dermatologist.

Cautions: In some persons, there may exist previously developed skin allergies to common cosmetic ingredients. If you notice severe itching or skin reactions after use of either of the products, discontinue use of the products. The ingredients in our Serum are non-irritants, non-allergens, and non-comedogenic and have passed numerous safety tests.

Ingredients:  Purified water, hydroxyethylcellulose, copper-peptides (hydrolyzed soy protein plus copper chloride), allantoin, polysorbate-20, diazolinydinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, vitamin E TPGS, bronopol. Fragrance

At Home Skin Renewal …How it Works?

Works by
Used Clinically?


Intense Serum
Triggering the skin's natural renewal mechanisms

1. Rebuilds skin's protective barrier 
2. Increases collagen and elastin - more than vitamin C 
3. Increases water-holding proteoglycans 
4. Rebuild blood microcirculation 

5. Activates removal of damaged skin proteins 

1. Wound healing 
2. After skin resurfacing 

3. For hair transplants
None Known
Hydroxy acids Act by irritation that stimulates new skin repair

1. Increases collagen and elastin synthesis 
2. Increases skin thickness

3. Increases moisturization
NO Low pH levels can be irritating
Ultrasound scan of the skin

Results of Copper Peptide Serum

The application of peptide-copper complexes to the skin's surface creates an environment that helps the skin tighten its barrier and increase its collagen and elastin density. The photo above is an ultrasound scan of the skin of a women aged 59 before treatment with a cream containing peptide-copper complexes. On the right is the same skin after one month of treatment with the complexes. The white-yellow colored areas are the ultrasonic reflection from skin areas that are more dense because of closer cellular binding and increased amounts of collagen and elastin. This is an effect that is opposite to the usual thinning and loosening of skin during aging.

Skin Remodeling is the process that removes proteins and older cells from the skin thus removing scars, lesions, and wrinkles while smoothing the skin. Increasing skin remodeling is the key to producing a biologically younger skin.

Skin remodeling is very active in young people but declines rapidly as humans pass age 20. At Aglow Skin Care we are told by our customers of many successes using copper-peptides to increase skin remodeling as evidenced by reduction or total removal of sun damage marks, skin tags, certain types of moles and age spots, old stretch marks of pregnancy, and burn scars. Usually these are reduced with the combination of copper-peptide creams and glycolic acid creams but often the copper peptides are effective alone. The method produces no skin irritation and results are usually evident in one month although maximum effects often require four months of treatment with the copper peptides.

Scar Reduction with Hydroxy Acids and Strong Copper Peptides

Methods for the reduction of scars and skin blemishes are usually marginally effective, painful, expensive, and often produce further scars during the procedure.  The combination of hydroxy acids and strong copper peptides often produce surprisingly effective removal of the appearances of various scars and skin blemishes. This method is low cost, painless, but may take several months to achieve a good cosmetic result. A reduction in scar appearance should be evident in a month but 6 to 8 months of such applications may be necessary to reach a satisfactory appearance in very old scars (30 to 50 year old scars or stretch marks). While such a method is slow, it is low-cost and will not cause further scarring.

Copper peptides, in combination with the use of exfoliating hydroxy acids, appear to be an excellent method for the reduction of scars and other skin lesions (keratoses, skin tags, some types of moles). The secret of hydroxy acid actions is that your healthy, normal skin is very tough and has a high resistance to such acids. In contrast, most skin lesions have less structural integrity and are more easily broken down by the acids. The repeated use of such acids over periods of a month or longer slowly dissolves most skin lesions. The use of strong copper peptides after the acids creates a skin environment that helps the regeneration of the normal, healthy skin. So, by repeated application of a hydroxy acid, you can slowly dissolve away the skin blemish and use copper peptides to aid the rebuilding of your healthy, smooth skin. This process is repeated once daily or twice daily and an improvement should be noted in a month but obtaining a cosmetically satisfying result may take several months.
Stronger hydroxy acids will speed the scar reduction process. However, this increases the possibility of irritation or burns. Use with prudence and caution and/or under the direction of a dermatologist or aesthetician. Stronger hydroxyl acids will become available soon!

If you are working on a stretch mark or other large blemish, it may be best to use the 15% Cream mixed with the copper serum on a daily basis instead of performing peels on the area.

Pitted Acne Scars 

Pitted acne scars often respond well to these methods. Such scars are difficult to remove with traditional dermatological techniques that try to remove scars rapidly.

The key with pitted acne is to rub the 15% acid cream into the pitted scar in the evening. This slowly dissolves and removes scar tissue. Use the Copper Serum daily. This helps stimulate a slow rebuilding of your skin. As the scar tissue is replaced with healthy skin, the skin's surface pulls itself flat like a balloon.

Use Copper Peptide Serum after your glycolic peels!

Once the hydroxy acid has loosened the damaged skin proteins, the copper peptides can then help in the repair and removal of the old, damaged proteins in the dermis. The powerful combination of the two rejuvenating products will extensively help with wrinkle reduction, reducing skin blotchiness, improving skin firmness, and aid in the development of new collagen and elastin.  Note:  We use Dr. Pickart's Second Generation Copper Peptides.

A Comparison of the various copper peptides...

1.  The only copper peptides that have been proven - by credible skin authorities who published their results in major dermatology journals - to improve skin and hair are those invented and patented by Dr. Pickart when he was at ProCyte Corporation and the newer breakdown-resistant, long-acting copper peptides that Pickart has since developed and patented.

2. The only copper peptides that have passed intensive and adequate safety testing are again those from ProCyte Corporation and Dr. Pickart.

3. Not all copper peptides have tissue regenerative properties. Copper peptides can be inactive or even highly toxic. Many snake venoms, bacterial toxins, insect venoms are copper peptides.

4. Some cosmetic companies use peptides produced by bacteria (such as B. Sublitis) or produced by yeast. However, such peptides can often cause allergies and respiratory problems.

5. Some companies marketing unproved copper peptides are the same companies that have been, in the past, heavily fined by the US Government for false and deceptive advertising of skin and hair products.

6. The only type of copper peptides that have tissue regenerative effects are those formed with with copper 2 ions (copper +2). Copper peptides formed with copper 1 (copper +1) have no regenerative activities on skin or hair. These are often sold as "Colorless Copper:".

7. Some cosmetic companies use various copper chelates such as copper EDTA, copper gluconate, or copper PCA (copper 5-oxo-L-proline, copper 2-pyrrolidine-5-carboxylic acid). Such types of complexes are usually very toxic to fibroblasts, the primary skin repair cell.

8. Many single peptides (without copper) being advertised for skin renewal appear to be similar in action to scar producing peptides that were extensively studied for potential uses as wound healing drugs.

9. You can buy skin and hair products based on real medical science and extensively tested for safety for the same prices as the "hype" products.

Skin Regenerating Copper Peptides

Skin Repair

  • Increases collagen synthesis producing firmer skin 
  • Increases elastin synthesis producing more elastic skin 
  • Increases synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans - the skin's water holding proteins
  • Stimulates new capillary formation for better cellular nutrition 
  • Attracts macrophages to area of application - these are the skin repair cells

Removal of damaged protein and Scar Reduction

Activates metalloproteinases that remove damaged protein 
Suppresses production of TGF-beta, the scar producing factor 


  • Blocks release of oxidative iron from ferritin 
  • Blocks damaging actions of Interleukin-1 
  • Activates inert superoxide dismutase 


A Comparison of Skin Renewal Copper-Peptides, Retin-A, and Vitamin C

Skin Effect

Copper Peptide


Vitamin C

reducing wrinkles

yes , 2 published studies

several positive

minor improvements

skin color tone

yes, very good color glow

often reddish "leathery"


new collagen

yes, significant in 70% of users in one month

Yes, significant in 40% of users in one month

Yes, significant in 50% of users in one month

repair skin barrier


No, actually degrades skin barrier



yes, activates superoxide dismutase in skin


Yes, vitamin C acts as anti-oxidant


A Comparison of Various Types of Copper Peptides Used Commercially

Type of Copper Peptide

Published Proof of Effectiveness

 Advantages and Problems


GHK - natural human signal for skin regeneration and remodeling

Many publications

Pickart's 1st generation of copper peptides. Best studied; Has perfect biochemistry for skin renewal; Very fragile, breaks down rapidly,  short acting, cannot be used with hydroxy acids

Very High

Peptones (our's)Fraction of soy protein peptides.  Pickart's second generation of copper peptides

Four papers

Pickart's 2nd generation of copper peptides designed to overcome problems of the 1st generation copper peptides. 

Very stable, breakdown resistant, 

can be used with hydroxy acids, 

Demonstrated strong skin repair and anti-inflammatory properties

Very High,  

The basic soy peptides are used for intravenous feeding of hospital patients



Very fragile, breaks down rapidly, 

short acting, cannot be used with hydroxy acids


Bacterial produced peptides  such as from Bacillus Subtilis


Bacillus Subtilis proteins and peptides produce many allergies, skin reactions, and asthma

Could be toxic 

produce many allergies, skin reactions, and asthma

Colorless copper peptides


Colorless copper is copper(+1) and has never been found to stimulate skin repair

Could be toxic

Scar Producing Peptides used without copper

None on newer peptides

These peptides have early stage wound healing actions. They stimulate the production of collagen, elastic, proteoglycans but do not remove older damaged protein.  May produce a tough thickened skin or scar-like skin

  Could be toxic 

IInformation listed with permission from Dr. Pickart, Skin Biology

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