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Aglow Skin Care - Skin TypesMany products available today can do more harm than good if they are not made specifically for your skin's needs. Improper pH levels, too harsh or too mild of chemicals can leave the skin feeling overly dry or excessively oily.

The key is balance to help your skin look its best. That’s why all our products are made on a daily basis to give you the best results. Aglow Skin Care products are organized by skin type to help you find the products you can use to bring balance – Normal , Dry, Oily-Blemished and Peels.

You can put just about anything on Normal skin-type without fearing a breakout or a dry patch. It is, however, still extremely important to make sure that the products you are applying are pH balanced and appropriate for your skin type.

Dry skin is a condition that tends to get worse as we age! As the cell turnover rate slows down and the excessive oils of the teen years pass, our skin tends to look much older than it should. Many products on the market today have drying agents added that do not help moisten your skin. Even when we find a wonderful moisturizer, it can only plump the dead cells that are left on the top layer of our skin. The goal at Aglow Skin Care is to work with the skin at the cellular level to regenerate new cell growth for a fresher, healthier skin.

Aglow Skin Care For All Skin TypesOily skin is probably one of the hardest skin problems to treat. Everyone's skin is different and acne treatments are never "one size fits all". Salicylic acid and hydroxy acids are helpful as an acne scar treatment, and for treating oily and acne-prone skin. Persons with these conditions often see dramatic results. Blackheads, white heads and acne breakouts are caused when the hair follicles clog and trap sebum in the follicle. Removing the upper layer of skin with chemical peels promotes natural sebum flow to the skin. To treat oily skin and breakouts, a program must be followed.  You will need a good cleanser, salicylic acid exfoliator, and an oil-free moisturizer. And throw away any products and make-up you are using that do not say they are 100% oil free or non-comedogenic.

Facial peels are great as anti-aging treatments or as acne scar treatments. Aglow Skin Care offers a large selection of chemical peels (glycolic acid peels, salicylic acid peels, TCA peels) in a variety of acid percentages and pH levels, to benefit any skin type. 

Facial peels from Aglow Skin Care range from low percentage 5% solutions to 70% chemical peels. Our line of glycolic acid peels, acne scar treatments and other skin treatment products help keep your skin soft and you can "glow and relax".


Skin Types (Based on Fitzpatrick Classification):

Type I Never tans, always burns  (extremely fair skin, blonde hair, blue/green eyes)
Type II Occasionally tans, usually burns  (fair skin, sandy to brown hair, green/brown eyes)
Type III Tans on average, sometimes burns (medium skin, brown hair, brown eyes)
Type IV Usually tans, rarely burns (olive skin, brown/black hair, dark brown/black eyes)
Type V Mostly tans, almost never burns (dark brown skin, black hair, black eyes)
Type VI Never burns (black skin, black hair, black eyes)

Skin care basics for your 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond.

The 20's

  • Condition- gradual disappearance of baby fat. Complexion loses some of its luster. Skin cell production slows so you get a build-up of dead, rough cells that don't retain moisture. Freckles, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores.
  • Concerns- oiliness (T-zone) from overactive sebaceous glands. Stress induced breakouts.  Stress wreaks havoc on the skin because it triggers the release of cortisol and hormones that cause acne.
  • Maintenance- Get serious about sun avoidance. If you use sunscreen regularly, you can reverse a lot of damage before you hit your 30's. This is the decade to establish habits that will benefit your skin for the rest of your life. Try sleeping on your back-sleep creases eventually  become permanent wrinkles.
  • Consider- an oil-absorbing cleanser and toner to keep shine under control.  

The 30's

  • Condition- Cell turnover slows dramatically at 30, so the biggest change is often dullness and pigmentation problems. This is when all the damage you did in your teens surfaces! Texture changes, splotchy pigment, sallow skin tone, and fine lines. (unless of course you stayed out of the sun, in which case you still have clear, smooth complexions. Good for you!!!!).
  • Concerns- Freckles, sun spots pigmented scars, and splotchy patches start to surface or darken. Prime time for developing rosacea: red, raised, bumpy areas usually concentrated near the center of your face and often mistaken for acne. Fine expression lines usually show up.
  • Maintenance- Since nature is putting the brakes on your cell-turnover rate, it's time to start exfoliating about once a week. Choose an alpha-hydroxy acid scrub or cleanser to remove dead surface cells. AHA's have the added benefit of lightening sun damage and uneven pigmentation. Now is the time to start using an eye cream.
  • Consider- Retinoids (read about our copper peptides which have been proven to outperform them in every clinical study!), which fade uneven pigmentation, increase collagen and improve elasticity.
  • Forget about- your old apricot or shell scrubs. Your skin is too thin and sensitive for these now. Don't go for the heavy night creams yet, they have too many oils and can cause breakouts.

The 40's

  • Condition- The good news is that you may have finally outgrown your acne and a result of decreased oil production. Not so good news: drier skin and rougher texture. There are other subcutaneous changes, too: Your face loses volume because you are losing fat deposits, collagen and elastin. These losses can usher in the era of static wrinkles.
  • Concerns- Getting moisture back into your skin should be top priority. (CP serum and rebuilding your collagen and elastin). Dryness may become extreme enough to cause eczema- rough, itchy patches- especially on the cheeks and chin. A thick night cream of facial moisturizer can help hydrate and soothe the itching.
  • Maintenance- Almost every person would benefit from the combination of a moisturizing cream and a retinol (or copper) product. Use a SPF 15 cream in the morning. Daily exfoliating may be useful. And start using a very emollient eye cream. Your eye area has thin skin, so by the time you are 40, you really need to add moisture.
  • Consider- Increasing the potency of your treatment products. If you have been using over the counter, it may be time to start using prescription strength products to keep your skin clear and smooth. For an instant improvement, consider having a light laser peel or an acd peel (stronger and resulting in a few days of redness), both of which can make your skin look smoother and more lustrous for a month or two.
  • Forget about- foaming cleansers and toners. Many of them are too drying.

The 50's and beyond

  • Condition- Fluctuating hormones may cause both dryness and breakouts. The decrease of collagen and elastin over the past two decades has left your skin thinner and possibly more sensitive or reactive to the sun. Wrinkles near your eyes, near your mouth, and on your forehead have become more deeply etched. If you've been practicing good habits, your skin texture will still be smooth and soft, and your skin tone clear.
  • Concerns- Increased sensitivity to sun combines with dryness, lines and looseness especially near the mouth and along the jawline. Dramatic weight loss can leave your face sagging so loose weight gradually.
  • Maintenance- A simple, sensitive skin cleanser, moisturizer with SPF, and an ultra-emollient Retin-A (look at our cpper serum. In addition to eye and neck creams, there are fade creams for hands. But fast firmers (gel-like ointments that form a film) won't last more than a few hours.
  • Consider- Spot fixes, such as stick on "frownies". You can buy them at the drug store for a few dollars -to keep you from frowning when you sleep). A new option for anyone seeking instant gratification is the at-home-peel.  These highly concentrated glycolic acid products slough off the surface cells and can brighten dull skin. (They may be too potent for sensitive skin, so always do a patch test behind your ear or on your inner arm the day before you plan to use one).
  • Forget about- The notion that everyone who can afford it is having work done. They're not. More women in their 50's and 60's are looking for long-term skin care strategies because they don't want to resort to cosmetic surgery.

Excerpt from Oprah magazine (12/2003)  "Skin Care Through the Ages".

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